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Flying hobby

Flying as a Hobby


One of the things that we like to do as a hobby and it is the dream of many is to fly around the world or not as such a hobby but at least travel once in a lifetime to several countries where the wonders of the world are found, simply tour the cities or their architecture, or it is also valid to enjoy the beautiful beaches that exist in the rest of the world or the stereotype that likes adrenaline and extreme sports, especially the classic person who likes to go out and enjoy the amusement parks, there are many ways to enjoy a trip, all this depends on the personality of each person.

It's not just magic. Airplanes can take flight and travel up to 13,000 kilometers without refueling because there are a number of aerodynamic principles and mechanical devices that allow it. Five minutes are enough to begin to understand why we are able to fly. We are used to seeing spectacular pictures of airplanes. Whether on land, taking off, landing, cruising (flying at cruising altitude), in hangars or on runways, day and even at night, we are often surprised because we are not able to fly frequently in them.

While it is true, flying and travelling around the world is always one of the things that every human being wants to do. However there are those who do it for different reasons, some do for work, visit a family, walk, vacation, honey moon , hobby, passion, etc., but in almost all cases, there is always someone who does not care what their reason for traveling is to take the opportunity to take a photo instead of being in a restaurant, hotel, cruise, park, party, beach, etc.

Nowadays many people around the world have as a hobby to fly, take photos and upload them to social networks, or simply record videos to share with friends and family, but there are also those who say: this is for the memory, because this moment will never repeat itself again in future, and thousands of people who want to fly to capture those unique moments. So if you are a youtube, professional photographer, or if you are simply passionate about flying, do so as many people like you are practicing flying as a hobby.

Well this is what you will learn in this hobby but first of all we want you to understand that you have to be an excellent person in everything you do, in where you work be an exemplary person in your work area, because we explain this to you if that we want to focus on is travel, good as simple if you are an exemplary character.

What to do to fly?

Look for deals like the packages if you are looking forward to flying as a hobby! Also if you nook places that are beautiful doubles your pleasure of flying. You can in addition book the flights beforehand so that the fare is much less and yes a two-way ticket also works wonders.

It may sound insane but some people love flying and they practice flying as a hobby! Do not hesitate there are many like you! It's a good hobby and many are implementing flying as a hobby in their lives. 


Free Resources To Use To Get Started With Flying

The thought of beating gravity and soaring in the skies is a thrill to many. Flying has been considered one of the most prestigious acts whether done as a hobby or as an income generating activity. With thousands of flying schools around the world offering these lessons, flying is no longer considered a specialty for the super-rich. Though it might cost you some thousands of dollars, the experience is worth it. This article will give you the best resources to use to start flying.

Air workshops 

There are several workshops arranged every week where people go and engage with experienced aviators who showcase their expertise. This can be a good place to kick off your flying hobby or career. These workshops will give you the general picture of what to expect in flying the duration it takes, and show you different models of aircraft. The workshops will give you a chance to interact with pilots, flying school owners and aviation students who will answer any question you might have regarding flying.

Airport visits 

Take some time to visit your local airport and familiarize yourself with the environment and set up. The airport is the nerve center of all aviation operations. Find time to go and see how operations are carried out from when the aircraft is on the ground to when it's cruising in the air.ths will open your mind to giving you an idea on what to expect before you start your flying

Aviation websites 

The website is a rich resource for material and knowledge used to train somebody about flying. There are several flying schools you can browse and check their mode of training and everything related to flying. There are also YouTube channels that show videos about flying and explain the basic principles of an aircraft. The information you get on the internet can give you a head start on what to expect in the real scenario of flying.




Aircraft simulator games

These simulator games are quite common today and can easily be downloaded from your mobile phone. The simulator games are not just for kids but every person who intends to be behind the cockpit one day should try one of these games. These are also called virtual flying where they give you the idea of powering up an aircraft, taking off, and landing again .these games can be fun and addictive especially for aviators as they give you the experience of a real pilot.

Aircraft museums 

Since the design of the first aircraft in the 19th century, the aircraft and aviation world has transformed in a big way. There is no other way to get the first-hand information about the history of aircrafts other than visiting the museums. As a person who wishes to fly, going to aircraft museums will give you the chronology of the aircraft since its first model to the latest model. This will give you knowledge on the kinds of aircraft that have been in use and give you the opportunity of accessing some. A museum is a place filled with lots of information for a person with flying ambitions.

Flying school 

The only way to be a professional is to be taught by professionals, flying is a complex practice which requires more than the theoretical self-taught lessons. In order to be a qualified aviator, choose a flying school that best suits you and will give you the right education. There are thousands of flying schools available and depending on your finances you can always get one which suits you. The flying school will teach you how to fly and give you the relevant exams. After qualifying the aviation authority will give you the license and certifications required to fly. With this, you are cleared to hit the skies and enjoy every moment.

Join a flying club 


A flying club is a good resource center to get started with flying. These clubs have members from different places that have experience in aircraft and flying. Most of the club members are qualified pilots. Joining clubs like these will give you the opportunity to meet with other people who have dreams of flying like you or get to interact with experienced aviators who will share their knowledge and expertise with you. Flying clubs can open flying opportunities you never imagined and give you the right connections. By rubbing shoulders with members of a flying club this can open doors for you to the skies.

Aviation magazines and publications 

Magazines and publications hold a lot of information. Finding the ones which talk about flying is great resources that will enable you to get started with flying. You can subscribe to get free magazines and publications of different aviation websites which will expand your knowledge and keep you informed.


Aviation blogs 

You can read blogs that are written by professional pilots who share their ideas and experience about flying. These blogs will give you a taste of the experience and challenges that many flyers go through. The information on the blogs prepares you psychologically on what to expect in the field. The information on these blogs can be a good way to get started with flying.


Flying is not for the faint-hearted but with the right attitude and the above resources you can be on your way to becoming one of the finest pilots ever. 


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