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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Go Geocaching as a Hobby


Geocaching is like searching for hidden treasure; only the real treasure is the experience of the hunt. Get online and look up the location of a geocache in your area, then pack a picnic dinner of simple dinner recipes, grab your GPS and head off for a family adventure. The online websites will tell you the location of this cache. Use your GPS and track the location. Open the cache when you find it, and you'll never know what you'll find. There should be a log book to write in and tell who you are and when you found the cache. Sometimes there are trinkets. You may take one in the event you leave one behind.

Read the log book and see who has found the cache before you. Look at the contents of the cache. You're allowed to take one thing if you leave something. Never take the cache itself. Sometimes items are left in the cache using a tracking bug on them to track where the thing should go. Sometimes there are instructions or requests to move the trinket further along on its journey.

Geocaching will have you tramping through woods, walking through places and going who knows where. You can even plant a cache of your own and monitor it to see who uses it. It is an adventure. And it's an activity that is suitable for all ages. Give it a try. You never know what you'll find.

For some simple dinner recipes for this outing, I am suggesting either panini or wraps. Both are highly portable and easy to keep cool until time to eat. Geocaches tend to be found in state parks, beaches and other places that also have the advantage of having great picnicking facilities. Those are very handy to have with the family along. They also have BBQ pits, so by packing in a few charcoals, or with a quick run to the car, we could toast our panini within the grill to leave them soft, warm and oozing with cheesy goodness, plus we could finish off with a toasted marshmallow, always a summer favorite. The panini is great cold Togo, in case your adventure doesn't bring you choser to a suitable grill.



What to bring: 

1) Instructions and location coordinate printed from the net.

2) Good walking shoes. Make sure everybody has great durable walking or
hiking shoes.

3) Sunscreen - you never know what weather you'll encounter.

4) GPS - you won't get far with this!

5) Bug spray - if is needed at the right time of year in your area.

6) water for everybody.

7) Snacks for keeping energy up while searching.

8) A cooler to keep dinner chilly.



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