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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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beach tanning.jpg

Beach / sun tanning

Sun tanning or sunbathing is exposure to sunlight for changing the color of skin. Tanning has become a modern hobby that people spend hours in sunlight to get dark shade skin. However, it can be harmful because of the effect of UV rays directed from the sun that can cause skin diseases like skin cancer. However, the threat can reduced by applying sunblock more SPF 30 and by using vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale while tanning. Tanning gives your body an attractive look and gives you a relaxing feeling.

Beach sun_tanning.jpg

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a seasonal international sport. In this game, you need to go to the beach, some teammates and a volleyball. This game can be quite enjoyable as you play with a friend together and for women a good time to show off their good skin and bikinis. This can help to burn calories and body fat for men.

Beach wrestling.jpg

Beach wrestling


beach cleaning.jpg

Beach cleaning

Beach cleaning means removing debris material like plastic bags, bottles, straws, fishing gears, cans, cigarette filters metal nets, dense chemicals deposited by tides, or humans. Every year thousands of volunteers participate in cleaning the beaches. Pollution at the beach can harm marine life and can endanger many species. According to studies people who participate in beach cleaning experience an environmentally friendly lifestyle, improvements in mood, positive attitude to nature.



Beachcombing means looking for a worthy thing or utilize thing at the seashore. The one who does beachcombing called a beachcomber. They follow the tideline to see things that the sea casts out. These things can be seashells, fossils, pottery shards, historical artifacts, or messages in bottles. If you like to walk on the beach this can be a perfect hobby for you. Moreover, this can help you financially as you can trade those things.



Beachcross is commonly known as motocross. It is a race on the beach in which competitors use their motorcycles, quad bikes, and cars. They race out on the beach with man-made dunes and jumps as hurdles. These races held annually at sea sides with large beaches. Due to the unique nature of these races, it has been popular among competitors and spectators. These races are good pastimes as a recreational activity.

making beaded .jpg


Beading is still fun for people of all ages. You may also have tried to make beaded bracelets and give them to your friends as friendship bands. People of all ages love beading. Beading can be more fun when you can earn from it. People still love to decorate their houses with beaded things on different occasions so you can make money with your skills of beading. You can get ideas from the internet and books about beading according to your passion.

beat box.jpg

Beat box

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that means a skill to make music with the mouth. In modern music, one can produce different voices at the same time in an emerging music genre. It is most commonly relate to hip-hop. Often, beatboxers use their hands to increase the sound effect and rhythm without using any microphone. Beatboxers practice as sound mimicry by co-articulation. It can adopt as a hobby because it gives you skills and entertainment as well.

beauty pageant (1).jpg

Beauty pageant

Beauty pageants are the contests in which people are judge by physical attributes, personality traits, talent, intelligence. Big Four International beauty pageants are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. These pageants set the winner as ideal and help people to learn how to deal with stress and disappointment. These pageants help to inspire others by your determination and confidence and shoe your skills to the world.


Bepop Jazz

Bebop is a new form of jazz influence that is a combination of the use of scales, harmonic structures, and occasional references to melody. Musicians play fast tempos, complex chord progressions with rapid changing of chord and keys. It is not for dancing. One with good taste in music can adopt bebop as a hobby.

bed of nails.jpg

Bed of nails

In the start bed of nails used by Indian yogis for meditation and healing but afterward, stuntmen and circus artists have adopted it. Lying on a bed of nail is quite fun but a bit tricky cause nails don't harm when you lay on them because your body's weight distributed over hundreds of nails no single nail is pressurized enough to puncture your skin. It can prove as a good hobby.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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