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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Beekeeping is a new trendy hobby and one of most hobbies with reward. It requires some knowledge and education about the behaviors of pollinators and a quite amount of money and time. For starting beekeeping as a hobby, you need to invest, $250 for your hive and you may get up to 50 pounds of honey in return. Therefore, beekeeping can be a hobby with fascinating rewards.

beer brewing.jpg

Beer brewing

Brewing beer is a new hobby. Its process is not much different from the commercial brewing. However, it is a kind of fun to brew your beer moreover you can say "I brew the beer I drink" Another advantage of brewing beer is the live ale that is hard to find in other beers.


Beer tasting

Beer tasting has become a hobby nowadays. A bear tester can be the difference between a good or bad bear without touching with his mouth. Like wine, it depends upon its texture, color taste appearance. You can host your beer testing at your home. It’s a better wat to spread your enthusiasm about your new hobby.

Beetle fighting.jpg

Beetle fighting

Beetle fighting is a Japanese originated insect fight in which two insects fight with one another until death. It is a spectator sport and considers as good pastime in regions of China, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam. In this fighting beetles like Japanese rhinoceros, XYLOTRUPES Socrates, goliaths, and Dorcas tetanus occur in Japan. For one who is interested in insects, this can prove as a very interesting hobby.

Bell ringing.jpg

Bell ringing

Bell ringing can consider as an art or a sport. The people who do it seem passionate about it and its benefits. For this pastime, you do not need to be strong, musician, or mathematician. It keeps you active and your mind relax. It is a perfect pastime of all ages from 10 until you can climb a staircase.

belly dancing.jpg

Belly dance

Belly dance is one of the most enchanting, hypnotic, and beautiful dances and trendy. If you choose belly dance as a hobby there are more chances for you to choose it as your career. Belly dance is more help full in losing calories and body fats than swimming or tennis. Belly dance is for women.

bendir playing.jpg

Bendir (playing bendir)

We know that drum playing is a popular hobby worldwide and the definition of drums varies with the regions. Bendir is a percussion instrument and famous in Morocco and Algeria. Its sound is a combination of resonance and snares that that make a buzz when striking this drum. It is quite famous in Arabic and Algerian music.

Bentwood trellis creating.jpg

Bentwood trellis making

A rustic bentwood trellis in your garden can make your garden more beautiful and make you feel better. Making Bentwood trellis is very similar to gardening and furniture making hobbies. Bentwood is actually making furniture objects by using wetting wood. Some people like these things just because it shows the beauty of nature but many people enjoy making bentwood trellis as a hobby. Making Bentwood trellis is an eco friendly hobby, because unlike plastic trellis in bentwood trellis you are using natural materials and recycling the materials which otherwise can be wasted.

bernie dance.jpg

Bernie dance

Are you a dance lover? If yes then probably you know the Bernie dance style. Bernie Dance is basically a dance move, where you put your head back and you flail your arms around. Bernie dance became very popular after the release of Weekend at Bernie's movie. Some people and movie lovers know this dance style as a fun dance style but other dance lovers feel that this is their hobby that they love doing.



Betting is a process of gambling money on the possible results of a game or a race. You can do Betting on some other unpredictable events also such as political results. Betting is now a legalized hobby in some countries. You can even generate a handsome amount of money through betting if your luck is really great. Now, many online betting websites are also available on the internet through which you can bet on different sports games by just sitting at your home.

Bezique card game.jpg

Bezique card game

Bezique card game is a type of card game of French origin. It is a trick-taking card game played by two players. Like other card games, Bezique card game is also available online, and you can learn from the manual how to play it. This game has many additional scoring features. You can play it with your friends in your free time at your home or in the park.

Bharatanatyam dance.jpg

Bharatanatyam dance

Bharatanatyam is India's spiritual and traditional classical dancing style for women. As it's a famous traditional dance of India, most of India's population practically know this as they know yoga. But for this fast-growing world, it's not only limited to India, but Bharatanatyam has also covered a large number of world dance & fitness clubs. In every dance club, they also practice at least some styles of Bharatanatyam to make their dancing flexibility more strengthen. A large number of people are learning this as a hobby to make their bodies fit and healthy

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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