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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Biathlon is a very interesting winter sport combining cross-country skiing, rifle shooting, and skiing race. Once skiing was a very fastly growing trend but now people are tired of skiing they want a new change, and Biathlon is perfect for skiing lovers who want something new in the skiing industry. it's the next big thing in skiing. And as Biathlon became an Olympic game and many countries like Russia, Norway, the USA and some parts of Europe are organizing yearly competitions of Biathlon sport. If you are a winter games lover then you have to try Biathlon as your hobby or profession it can be a better fit for you.

bible journaling.jpg

Bible journaling

If you like reading books, then probably you have to become a book worm. But if you like journaling then journaling as a hobby is the best thing for you. And here is another positive benefit, If you like journaling then you can start journaling the holy bible in your life, it can be a very interesting and full of adventure hobby. Many non-religious people who love researching are now journaling the bible as a part of their hobby. Journaling the Holy Bible is an interesting hobby to have, where you keep notes from your studies of the Bible plus you keep notes of your own daily life and daily researches about Bible's stories and lessons.

bicycle polo.jpg

Bicycle polo

Do you know the Polo sport, maybe some of you are playing this sport or have this sport as a part of your hobby. But what about the industry change in traditional polo to the Bicycle Polo. Yes, there is a large number of people who love playing polo on a bicycle. Bicycle Polo is very similar to traditional polo but in Bicycle Polo players use bicycles instead of horses and it also can be played in the grass field as traditional polo but it also played on hard cores because you are using bicycles not horses. If you are a bicycle sports lover plus you like polo then this mixture is a better fit for you.

bicycling hobby.jpg


Do you found bicycle polo a hard sport, then why not choose an easy one. Just Cycling. Cycling is also known in several other terms like Bicycling, bicyclist, cycling, cyclist, or bikers. It's also a well known Olympic game. Every Bicycling game is first started on just by cycling. And people who do other types of sports like boxing, bodybuilding, and running also use bicycles on their gyms to make their bodies fit and healthy. It's one of the best fitness activities.

bid whist.jpg

Bid whist card game

Bid Whist is a card game. In bid whist, 4 participants can play this card game and as
indicated by its name, the bid whist adds a bidding price or element to the game. If you are an indoor games lover or a card games lover then you should be aware of the bid whist game's rules to play this game with your friends and family during your free time.

big band.jpg

Big band

The Big Band as its name indicated its a band, not a single person and the Big Band is a musical ensemble of jazz music. In the big band, you can make a team minimum to a minimum of 10 people. If you are a music lover then you should make a listing of big bands your hobby. But if you are thinking about learning this art. Then you have to join a music club or join an online music course to learn this, but it's a long term musical art and you can't do this on your own it must be completed in teams.



Billiards is a cue sport. In Billiards there are no rules to learn because of its wide varieties of tricks and styles. The exports of cue sport differentiate cue game players, from cue game lovers (like Billiards game). And the reason is, a player just plays and try to win the match but a lover apart from match plays different tricks with the cue ball when he or she is alone. This is why people know Billiards the cue game of cue lovers. If you feel that you love playing cue games then the hobby of playing Billiards is a challenge for you.

bingo game.jpg

Bingo game

Bingo is actually a game of chances. This game is played between game players and the host of the game, which is also known as Caller. The game host occupies a set of cards having random numbering on it. The same type of cards are present in possession of the players but different numbering. The host asks to show the cards from each player and matches with his cards. If the match, the player will win. This game is played now in casinos. You can play this game for amusement in your home or by going to the casino.

binocular football.jpg

Binocular football

By playing Acoustic Blues guitar you can Feel and focus on the music. The acoustic blues guitar is the perfect vehicle to express your soul, inspire you and make you happy. The rich sound of acoustic blues guitar will enhance the quality of the melodies and chord progressions. You will play some nice and easy acoustic blues tunes and enjoy the moment of whatever comes out of your fingers.. By playing Acoustic blues guitar you can Feel and focus on the music.



Biology is the science of the study of animals. It is a really informational hobby. There are many tv channels are available from which you can learn about the biology of animals including man. There are many books that are also available on the subject of biology. If you are a science student, studying Biology is necessary for you. You can learn different aspects of the life of animals and their environment form the study of Biology.

bird watching.jpg

Bird watching

Birds are very peaceful and beautiful creations of nature. And there is a very interesting hobby of watching birds. People make a list of their local bird species and they seek out to watch them in real life. It can be done with a naked eye but you can also use binoculars or telescopes. Once you complete your list of local birds and observed all the birds in their lifestyle, you have completed the challenge. This is an eco-friendly and a wildlife researching hobby.


Blackjack card game

Blackjack is an American banking card game, where players together compete against the dealer, and in the game, players don't compete with each other. Card games were very famous and the most popular ways of time spent in the old days. Even very famous kings, like Richard II of England love spending time playing card games. And as card games have its place in history, Blackjack is also one of the popular card games which can teach several financial lessons in the game. Many people prefer it as a mental exercise game, but overall it's the best hobby to help you learn some financial lessons even when you are spending time playing a card game.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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