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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Alternativo & Rock Latino.jpg

Alternativo rock latino

Listening to music can soothe body, mind and soul, and Alternative & Rock Latino is an all-round mood booster. Alternativo is a brand of Latin rock music produced by joining alternative rock genres such as metal, hip-hop, new wave, electronica, punk rock, reggae and ska with libero-American sounds. It is much popular in Latin American and Latin European countries. Music is a worthwhile hobby, and making music teaches you to learn new skills in the music industry. So go for different music genres to make your free time beautiful.

Amateur cold case investigation.jpg

Amateur cold case investigation

Potentially solving a case or help in making a complicated thing easy is a good thing.  Most amateurs want to take up cold case investigation as a hobby. Although it is a dangerous hobby but to find the murder become a subject of rebooted show, if you have a good detective and analytical skills, you should choose it as a hobby and help the families to identify the murder.

amateur detective.webp

Amateur detective

Most people choose an amateur detective as a pastime hobby rather than professionally.  TV crime dramas are an excellent source to learn Amateur detective activities, and most teenagers enjoy these series. It is an intellectual and exciting task to figure out who is the killer in the story. To become an amateur detective, it shows your detective skills to the people, and you can help them in finding out the killer. Creative hobbies help to focus your mind at one point.

amateur geology.jpg

Amateur geology

Amateur geology or rock collecting/rockhounding is collecting rocks, minerals and fossils from the natural environment. It is a great hobby to learn about geology with fun. Most kids are naturally inclined to collect the rocks and adopt it as a hobby. Rocks are naturally beautiful and can be used for decoration purposes for your house.

amateur radio (2).jpg

Amateur radio

Amateur radio is a 21st-century hobby and great fun. If you have interest in writing software, developing new technology and getting hands-on with practical equipment then it is a great chance to make your free time productive and beautiful. It is a high-frequency radio spectrum which is used to deliver non-commercial messages, private recreation, wireless experimentation and emergency communication. To use a different voice, sounds, text and images are quite fun. Why don't you try it?

amazon review.jpg

Amazon or Yelp reviewer

Anybody who wants his spare time on Amazon must be aware of little yellow stars which denote reviews left by customers. To become an amazon or yelp reviewer helps you to find out another customer's review about the product. Just like products reviewers are also ranked on Amazon and get several benefits such as the opportunity to try new products, free samples, freebies, discount offers and trusted review status.

ambient music.jpg

Ambient music

In search of a new hobby, ambient music should be on your top list. A remarkable hobby for wellness and health due to a different music genre. It lacks beat, composition and structured melody but more emphasis on tone than traditional music. Unlike other hobbies, it has the potential to change your mood, lowering your stress and healing your soul.

American football.jpg

American football

American football is a favourite pastime hobby which has captured the attention of the American public. No other support in the country is adopted as a hobby like this game. Cherish your favourite moments and make your free time memorable with your friends and family. If you are interested in football, then learn the fundamentals of American football and make this boring sport enjoyable.

american trad rock.jpg

American trad rock

Learning American trad rock is a rewarding way to spend your time. American trad rock has the same aesthetic as other music but keeps alive the spirit of classic 60’s rock. Choosing it as a hobby not only provides entertainment but also develops your brain. American trad rock is more about southern-fried boogie and blues-based improvisation. So developing new skills on an instrument can boost your immune system and relaxation.

americana hobby.jpg


Americana is a collection of material and things for United States people to know more about their history, geography and heritage. Americana is an excellent hobby for history lovers because it provides them an opportunity to explore the new facts about American people. Americana artifacts involved many things but usually associated with quintessential elements of the American experience.

Amigurumi art.jpg

Amigurumi art

Amigurumi is a Japanese art of crocheting and knitting small stuffed toys. The word Amigurumi is derived from two Japanese words ami means Crocheted and nuigurumi means stuffed doll. Explore your creative side with the world's most popular craft hobby Amigurumi art and make your free time productive and beautiful. You can get many benefits from this art by making different stuffed toys and by selling them. Make beautiful designs with crochet and teach your children this invaluable skill. No doubt, it is a pretty easy and affordable hobby.

Amusement park.jpg

Amusement park


anatolian rock hobby.jpg

Anatolian rock

Anatolian rock is a perfect hobby for music lovers. It is a fusion of Turkish rock with elements of rock music and played on the typical music instruments such as bass, drums and guitar. Making Anatolian Rock as a hobby can relax your soul and mind and make you a happier person. Listening and playing this Turkish folk music with Turkish instruments, saz and baglama can provide you similar bursts of exhilaration that we get from eating drugs or chocolate.

animal fancy.jpg

Animal fancy

Animal fancy involves appreciation, promotion and breeding of the domestic or pet animals. No doubt it is an interesting and beneficial hobby for time pass, but you must need ample knowledge about it. Fancy includes ownership of an animal, animal sports and competitors and breeding. Fancierdom and fanciers are collectively known as animal fancy such as dog fancy, cat-fancy etc. From children to older people, pet-keeping is one of the most adopted hobbies around the world. If you like animals, you should choose animal fancy as a hobby and spend leisure time with them.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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