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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Didgeridoo is a kind musical instrument that belongs to the class of wind musical instruments. It has early prevailed in northern Australia. Didgeridoo is a cylindrical, long music instrument that produces a unique high- or low-pitched music voice on playing. Music lovers can adopt Didgeridoo as a hobby in their free time to experience a unique and ancient type of music. You can even make it in your home if you want.

Die cutting.jpg

Die cutting

Die cutting is a process in which different shapes are cut down out paper to make different kinds of papercrafts. Dies of various shapes are used for this purpose. You can make beautiful paper decoration pieces in your free time. Die cutting is art nowadays. You can even sell this papercraft to generate some income or keep them in your home as a showpiece.

Diecast Cars Collecting.jpg

Diecast cars collecting


Digital Arts.jpg

Digital art

Digital art can be defined as the artwork like paintings and design etc. with the help of using digital technology such as a computer. You have to be familiar with digital technology to do digital arts. It is a very beneficial and skillful hobby. Digital arts are now the future of the world, and you should be part of it by practicing it in your free time.

Digital photography.jpg

Digital photography

If you are a lover of brilliant and beautiful natural scenes such as hills, jungles, rivers, and flowers, you can capture all these scenes with the help of a digital camera. Digital photography is art nowadays. You can even capture a beautiful view of the sun rising or sun setting with the help of digital photography. You can also join digital photography as a profession if you are an expert in it.

Dinner party clubs.jpg

Dinner party clubs


Dinosaur fossils finding.jpg

Dinosaur fossils finding


Diorama making.jpg

Diorama making

A scene or a picture of a particular moment is known as a Diorama. A diorama could be as small as a miniature replica and as large as a full-size scene. It could be a real scene or a scene from a fantasy world. Diorama making is a terrific hobby in your free time because it improves your imagination and thinking skills. It is also helpful in improving your drawing skills.

Dirt track racing.jpg

Dirt track racing

If you want to become an adventurous driver and you have some free time, then dirt track racing is best for you. You can select any dirt or clay containing road for driving. This also the best way to improve your driving skills because if you have enough experience of dirt tracks, then you can quickly drive on reasonable conditions. You can play racing with your friends also on these kinds of tracks.

disc golf.jpg

Disc golf

Disc golf is a modification of golf sport in which the ball is replaced with a disc. The disc golf always played according to golf playing roles. You can play this fantastic game with your friends to spend your free time. Usually, a small golf course is needed to play this game. That is why you can play it on your lawn also.



If you are fond of dancing and music, then Disco is the best place for you to spend your free time. You can easily find your Disco on your premises. If you can't find a disco, then you can turn and empty room of your home into Disco by placing a tape recorder and some lights in the room.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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