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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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fish farming.jpg

Fishing farm

Fish farming is an eco-friendly hobby. Fish farming involves farming and growing fishes in tanks and other natural habitats like lakes and ponds. Basically fish farming is a commercial business people are doing for hundreds of years, but many people won't go commercially for money, often people grow fishes just for their hobby. And farming different species of fishes is a really exciting hobby, like having a pet you can make your fishes your pets and you can enjoy your fish farm.

Fish Tournaments.jpg

Fish tournaments

Yes, there are tournaments like fishing tournaments, and a large number of people participate in it every year. Like so many people love fishing once a week or a month, but many people love it as a hobby and a sport. Participants take part in these tournaments and every fisher competes with other fishers and try to catch the heaviest and a bigger fish to win the tournament. If you are skilled in fishing then you have to try your luck in fishing tournaments.

fishing hobby.jpg


If you don't like to compete with anyone then why not go fishing alone and relax and enjoy that fortunate moment. Most people consider this a relaxing and peaceful hobby. Like historical kings went for hunting just for relaxing and enjoyment. Now people have found another way of hunting but it's quite peaceful and relaxing, it's fishing. If you are tired of noisy polluted everyday environment then just relax your mind and go for fishing.

fishkeeping hobby.jpg


Fishkeeping is a very popular pet hobby, Keeping a fish as a pet for your hobby in a home aquarium or in a garden pond. The majority of people have home aquariums and are keeping beautiful and colorful fishes in it. Some people also keep rare and expensive species of fishes. It's a quiet peaceful hobby and it doesn't require a large place you can start with a small aquarium. But as a hobby it is one of the best indoor or pet hobbies of all time.

Fist Fighting.jpg

Fist Fighting

Fist Fighting is a type of martial arts. Just like boxing fist fighting is exactly the same the difference between fist fighting and boxing is, in fist fighting you won't use gloves as you do in boxing and few other rules are different in fist fighting and in boxing. It also recognizes as a street fighting game and in many places of the world it's illegal. But in Russia, Japan, China, and other parts of the world fist fighting is a part of martial arts and it's completely legal.



Fitness is a human need a hobby but the majority of people right now are suffering through unfit lifestyle, that's why people are trying to keep their bodies in shape in new and different ways so they can't get bored and they won't stop their fitness activities. In the modern-day world, there are a lot of ways you can keep your body in shape, you can play any type of martial sports or you can join a gym for your physical fitness. It's one of the best hobbies you can start and improve your life.

Flag Football.jpg

Flag football

Flag Football is a team sport and an outdoor game. As its name represents it's a game similar to football but in flag football the players and not kicking the ball through their legs, they use their hands to throw, pass, and finally hit the flag to make a score. Flag Football is an American game invention. It's a mixed gendered game but still, it's not in the Olympics. The majority of people in America and around the world play this as a fun hobby.


Flageolet instrument 

Flageolet is a soft musical instrument and can make a very smooth and soft tone. You can play it while hiking or you can just sit in your garden and enjoy the tone of it. However, this woodwind musical instrument invention was one of the best musical inventions in the 16th century. And for many years it was a royal musical instrument and still, a lot of people love the tone of this old musical invention.



Flamenco is a musical style of Andalusia, Spain. The majority of people consider this as an art, and yes it's a dance art because it's very hard to perform. In 2010 Flamenco was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a UNESCO. Flamenco is hard, honorable, rare, and a special dance style. And passionate people are always giving time to their passion and creating new styles, music, and songs. If you feel like doing hard things is exciting then try this.

Flat Track.jpg

Flat track

Flat Track is a motorbike racing game and it's also one of the extreme sports. Flat Track is extremely hard and even deadly but in America people are agreed to give their lives just of this game, because it's so much fun and enjoyable once you master the hard tracks. In race games and especially in motorbike games this is one of the most-watched and enjoyed games. You can do this if you are a master biker and you can run on deadly tracks. But if you can't then still you can enjoy watching this on your screens.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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