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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Legendary Marvel game.jpg

Legendary Marvel game

Legendary Marvel is a thematic card game based on the Marvel comics. The game is designed by Devin Low and has a number of different mechanisms including the deck, bag, and pool building. It is a solo semi-cooperative game that has different setups and events in it. The game has won different awards and is famous among a big number of players. Players usually play this manual game to pass their free time and have developed it into a hobby.

Lego building.jpg

Lego building 

Lego is a series of plastic construction houses that are manufactured by the Lego Group. There are small lego pieces that are the constituents of everything that is made out of them. One can fit those constituents together to make houses, vehicles, robots or any other shape. The trend is very hot in different regions of the world, and people consider it a good activity in their spare time. They make these different structures out of those pieces.



Lethwei is a full-contact martial arts boxing that originated from Burmese history. Boxing is considered as one of the most dangerous games as there are no protective wearings other than the tapes on hands. Different attacking strategies using hands, knees, elbows, and the foot can be used. Headshots are the most dangerous one and are also banned in some of the games. There have been famous practitioners of this particular sport. There are centres where this boxing is taught, one can learn from those centres.

Letterboxing Spoiler.jpg


Letterboxing is an outdoor activity of puzzle-solving. The game involves certain items hidden at the publically accessible places. The items are enclosed in weatherproof boxes so they may not get damaged. The clues are later distributed in different ways. Some use manual catalogues having hints in it, while some update them on websites. The other person has to find the hidden boxes in time. It is an interesting outdoor activity and can be played when you are free or feeling bored.



Reading is a habit, and it can encompass you in many different hobbies, associated with it. The major one is going to the library. The library is the calmest place, and some people just go to the library to read some books, newspapers etc.

Life Coaching.jpg

Life coaching

One can be a life coach if he/she has a critical understanding of whatever is happening around. A professional life coach is the one who counsels different clients in their professional and personal matters. But, it can be a hobby where you can use your life coaching skills to help others out in solving their personal issues. Life coaching requires a versatile view on life and a good understanding of human experiences. 

lightning chasing.jpg

Lightning chasing


Lightsaber combat.jpg

Lightsaber combat

LightSaber combat is one of the schools of martial arts that uses lightsabers for fighting. A lightsaber is a type of sword having a powerful beam of laser, used as a blade. The sword was used by Jedi Knights in Star Wars. There are different combat styles associated with a lightsaber which evolved over the course of time. Generally, they are counted as seven combat styles. You can learn any of this combat style through training lessons.

Ligretto card game.jpg

Ligretto card game

Ligretto Card Game is another of the card games famous all over the world. The game can be played with two or more than two players for which the maximum number of participants are twelve. The target of the game is to get your cards out earlier than any of the other players, in order to win. Unlike other card games, where there are turns, in Ligretto card games, there are no turns. Players play it simultaneously. Each player has his deck of forty cards with unique identification symbols and four different colours. The players of this game must have a strong hand to eye coordination as well as good counting speed.

Line Dance.jpg

Line dance

Line dancing is one of the dance types which is choreographed in a symmetrical manner. The participants of the dance are either facing each other or towards a single direction and perform different dance steps, in a complete similar pattern. The dance requires a lot of practice and rehearsals before its final presentation. These classes are offered by different dance academies, and hobbyists take part in them, in their free time.

Linocut art.jpg

Linocut art

Linocut is an interesting printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is used—the design to be printed in crafted on the sheet using some sharp-pointed knife. The raised areas of the drawn patterns print the reversed image. The sheet is then rolled over the ink and then stamped on the paper or fabric to be printed. The activity required artistic creativity, and people do it as an aesthetic hobby in their leisure time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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