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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Playing music and listening to music are loved by almost all over the world! It is an amazing musical instrument and people love it all over the world. If you have an interest in playing musical instruments then mandolin is one of the best options. Mandolin’s fretboards are made up with hard wood and metal strings. You can learn how to play mandolin within a few days and enjoy it in your free time, and with friends gathering.



Sometimes as adults we need to do dome childish activities. In these activities coloring, drawing and making cartoons are most common and easy. For this purpose there are many comic books and cartoon series. Manga is also like a comic book and a series of Japanese cartoons. If you are an expert in animation and art then you can create comics. If not but you like comics then you have to buy other artists work and enjoy it.

Map making.jpg

Map making

Most of the people love to collect maps of different areas of the world and love to study it. But making maps is more interesting than collecting. Actually a map is a symbolic portrayal of different places which is usually drawn on smooth surfaces. If you want to make a map then remember five main things always; These are title, legend, grid, compass and scale, all these are necessary to making a perfect make.



Latin American used another wonderful instrument for music called Maraca. But single maraca is not useful, so you can play it in pairs. Maracas are also used for the sake of different countries' music like, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica and Colombia. You can learn to play maraca from the area's best maraca expert and enjoy it.


Marathon running

You can guess it by its name, yes marathon is a kind of race. It is a long distance race approximately 27 miles. You can take part in it as an exercise. By running long distances you can make your heart stronger and circulation of blood more fluent. By marathon you can cope up with stress and anxiety and improve mental health. You can join different events and competitions of marathon race and make a regular member of a club which is nearby you and conduct events from time to time.



Marbles are modified forms of limestone and used for flooring. These are typically in white color and make an amazing look of the room or the house. If you are an artist and know how to make marbles or reassemble them then during your free time you can use this skill. Making marble is not difficult for those who have a skill but it is somehow time taking activity.



The term marbling is used in two ways: one means assembling the rocks in a useful form for making the beautiful surfaces of the floor. If you are an artist and tired of making paper and clothes then you have to change it. You can design on marble sheets and marble pieces. Another meaning of marbling is to add flavor and liquids on the meat while cooking. These both terms are quite interesting for free time.

Marching Band.jpg

Marching band

March is another name of a parade in some cases. Marching band is a group of people who know how to play music with special marching instruments. Marching bands usually play music for some official gathering and national days of any country. It plays different cultural music and national anthems.

Mariachi  music.jpg



Marijuana growing.jpg

Marijuana growing

Marijuana is hard to grow in any climate. It can grow in indoor and greenhouses. If you want to kill your time by growing some indoor plants then marijuana is an option. It is easy to learn how to grow marijuana and for sure the process of growing this is not complicated. If you are growing marijuana first time then you have to grow just one plant. Due to its addictive effect, the cultivation of marijuana is not allowed in several countries given the legislation.



There are thousands of musical instruments in this world and people are in love with them. Marimba is also a musical instrument that is played with mallets. If you are going to play marimba first time then use just two mallets. Somehow it is difficult to learn to play marimba and it takes time to become a marimba player. But if you just want to listen to it sound as a new listener then you never regret it because marimba playing sound is one of the best sounds in the world.

Marker art.jpg

Markers art


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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