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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Mario kart playing.jpg

Mario kart 

Everyone knows about Mario and yes, it should be known because of its entertainment. Mario Kart is a varying series of car racing video games developed by Nintendo. Mario kart as a hobby is very fruitful for kids as gaming improves the mental health and reflexes of kids. Besides, Mario kart is very fun to play. It would keep you engaged as well because of its challenging levels and perplexing competitions. You could play this game with your friends via LAN connectivity.

Marionette making.jpg

Marionette making

Marionettes are bulky and expensive puppets. Primarily, marionettes are made of wood but now cloths and other materials are also being used to make classic marionettes. Mastering its making is quite tough and it could take a year to master the making of a perfect marionette. However, the making of a marionette from a paper cutout is quite easy and entertaining. Many people around the world adopt marionette making as a hobby because it is quite classy and antique. People who love crafting and making things from homely supplies could enjoy making marionette.




Martial arts.jpg

Martial arts

Is there any possibility that you don’t about martial arts? Yes, there are no chances – everyone knows about martial arts like karate, taekwondo, and judo. Adopting martial arts as a hobby carries great weight. Martial arts don’t just make your body strong but your soul as well. Everything changes when you start practicing martial arts like your daily routine, decision making, relationship, and responses. Moreover, it is quite fun to learn martial arts and doing all the workout stuff. Martial arts engage both – your body and mind.

Marvel movie collecting.jpg

Marvel movie collecting



Mascot (Become a mascot)

As the products are increasing the competition between manufacturers is also becoming tougher, therefore, they need to advertise their products differently from others. For this purpose, they use mascots, mascots are puppets, or can be a person or animal that thought to bring luck. Moreover, mascots are also used in sports to represent teams. Mascot making can be great fun and a rewarding hobby.



The blending of two or songs called a mashup. It is an art to create a track by changing its vocal instruments. Creating gives you a feeling of relaxation and recreating them not only gives you relaxation but a feeling of achievement. Moreover, mashups are the creative pastimes that help you to make money. You can start your business while following your passion for music.



We all are familiar with massaging. It relaxes one's body, releases all the stress, and refreshes the mind. There is a wide range of varieties of massages. Giving massage is quite easy you can relax another person's body by releasing all of its tiredness. Massaging is becoming a new popular hobby. There are massaging schools that can help you in learning massage.  

Master Blaster Water Slide.jpg

Master blaster water slide 



Mastermind game


Matchboxes collecting.jpg

Matchboxes collecting


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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