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Judo As a Hobby and Its Benefits!


Originally made in 1882, Judo was a modification of old-school Jujitsu. Judo's founder, Jigoro Kano wanted to create a martial art which could be used both as a competitive combat game and have practical self-defense benefits.

What he did was to tone down the aggressive and deadly moves of jujitsu, add in a couple of western wrestling moves and made a combat art that was both pacifists in nature yet so effective that armed forces around the world borrow its techniques in their self-defense moves.


So why should you do Judo, you may ask? Some people, who tend to lean more to the competitive striking side of martial arts, avoid judo because of its apparently gentle philosophy.


There are heaps of reasons to take up this remarkable art. Firstly, Judo is broadly available. That's a no-brainer considering it's an Olympic sport and a systematic martial art which has well-run branches all around the globe.

Next because judo being the 'gentle way' the emphasis is put on combative contact without hitting your partner's face or vital organs within the body during training. Judo advocates and teaches prevention of injury by practicing methods of failing safely, a.k.a breakfalls. Throws are executed under extremely strict supervision, and the two sides are drilled vigorously in throws and breakfalls.


How about benefits? Glad you asked


The main advantage of judo as a Hobby is that a smaller person can defeat a much larger opponent by simply body mechanics, leverage and scientific principles. This is beneficial to people that are worried Judo may interfere in their spiritual beliefs, as well as smaller sized people who simply cannot rely on brute strength to win.

Secondly, you'll need to understand how to not just move your body efficiently but how to toss your opponent's body, which develops great balance, concentration, and agility. Your mental alertness also skyrockets as you want to constantly consider leverage, breaking of equilibrium, how to wrestle a tricky opponent, etc..


In a judo dojo or training center, there's strict emphasis on self-discipline and self- control. The last thing you need is a dangerous injury because two students were playing the fool. You'll also need to implement your throwing techniques with restraint in order not to cause serious injuries.


Last but not least, Judo as a Hobby builds discipline, perseverance, and character. You learn to respect seniors along with your training partners, and You're motivated to go up belt amount by belt amount until you eventually reach the
goal of a black belt.


So there you have it. Remember though, that the supreme goal of Judo as 'the gentle way' is to result in a lifestyle of peace, fitness yet awareness should the time come to defend yourself, you'll be well prepared.





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