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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Knitting as a Hobby


For most archaeologists, personal hobbies and family crafts have very little to do with their work. For others, the experience of knitting, sewing, crochet and later spinning has given me a new vision of the fabrics of the past. By observing those carefully crafted pieces of archaeological cloth, they come to see how their life experience relates to the lineage of artisanal production, dating back hundreds of years. What began as a series of hobbies became a gateway to a new academic interest. This has a very humanizing effect on how I see this collection. They are not merely samples and artifacts, but the work and efforts of those whose work provided necessary elements for their families and communities, who lived and worked with the material as many have done. Nowadays, many people weave as a hobby, and many of them have fun while doing it. It is possible that, halfway through weaving a sock or sewing a hat, the person working on it may wonder how much longer their project will take, or if they will be able to do so.


What is Knitting?

The knit or knit fabric is that which woven forming meshes when weaving the threads is. Basically, it consists of passing a thread loop through another loop, by means of needles as it is knitted by hand.

Simple Jersey Fabric

The Simple Jersey Fabric is one of the most widely accepted and widely used knitwear worldwide. It is a practical fabric, which is available in different qualities of structure and is sometimes known only as simple knit fabric. There are many aspects related to this form of fabric, such as weight, ease of dyeing, width, etc. The fabric is available in many colors, designs and/or prints. SHM Traders provides simple jersey, and are the first in terms of quality and delivery of this soft fabric.


The Baby Rib knit is produced either in circular rib machines or in plain rib machines. A growing brand or chain is the hallmark of this specific variety of fabric. The Rib and Baby Rib knits are widely used worldwide. The rib point on the fabric can be simple and/or complicated, this depends only on the rib tissue you have in mind. We can provide you with a baby rib knit of the highest quality and at very competitive prices.

Double Point Fabric

The Double Knit Fabric is a firm fabric which has a thin rib over it. Its weight varies from medium to heavy and is very popular due to its minimal stretch capacity. The Double Knit Fabric is used in the elaboration of pants, skirts, jackets, etc., is a fabric that usually looks the same on both sides. We provide this double-knit fabric in many varieties, understanding the essence of this field.


The spandex knit fabric is well known for its elasticity up to 70%. So it is not surprising that these types of stretch fabric have their own followers. A point of great interest and that deserves to be mentioned; of Spandex is the fact that spandex cotton has higher cross-stretch while Spandex Nylon generally stretches more lengthwise. Spandex is used in the manufacture of swimwear, tights, apparel for athletes, etc., and SHM Traders is the place to find good spandex knitwear. Feel free to fill out our question form for more information.


The name Jacquard by itself sounds very complicated; it is not surprising that this is an intricate weave too. This fabric, which is the product of a special loom, is widely used in applications such as household furniture and clothing. We can help you find and choose this fabric in a very easy way, providing them with the finest jacquard knit fabric.

Knitting by Plot

The knitting by weft is conceived in a circular knitting machine. It is a fabric of half-stitched seams made with the help of a set of needles placed alternately. There is a large collection of knitted fabrics by weft available; the range includes woven fabrics of different colors, designs, striped fabrics, etc. We offer these knitted fabrics by plot at fantastic prices.


Lycra knit fabric can be considered a derivative of Spandex, thought to represent a good offer with respect to the price. This shows many qualities such as durability, good strength to deterioration, and freedom of shrinkage. Some popular Lycra varieties include Loop Back Lycra and Lycra Rib. SHM Traders offers a huge variety of all different types of knitted fabrics of high quality at very competitive prices.


The Polar is easy to sew and is a light knit fabric in weight that is available in Anti-Deterioration varieties, which basically increases durability and comfort, and is used in most vests. The Polar is warm and warm, so it is used in scarves, gowns, etc. The Velour is a shiny fabric, reminiscent of velvet, is used in the development of many different types of clothing, as well as for the development of some crafts for gifts. SHM Traders is specialized to provide all the Polar varieties mentioned above, without compromising the two main factors, such as price and quality. Feel free to contact us for more information.



The techniques can include different types of assembly, closure, unusual points; learn to knit continental style to gain speed.

Methods for Mounting Points:

• German twisted cast on

• Long tail cast on

• Cast on cable

• Ribbing cast on

Methods for Weaving

• Continental right point

• Continental reverse point

• Carry the wool on the side when it is woven with more than one color or skein


How to Join Wool

• Invisible knot

Types of Points:

• Punto brioche English method

• Brioche dot in two colors (English method)

• Brioche two colors for continental method

• Brioche point with two colors in circular needles (backward)

• Brioche point with two colors in circular needles (change of color)

• Brioche point with two colors in circular needles (right side)

To start knitting as a Hobby you should only investigate more about one of the techniques mentioned above; You can start with a simple technique and easy designs to then apply other techniques and make larger and improved fabrics.


The best free resources for getting started with knitting

To provide you a clear image about knitting is a group of threads woven together, which consists of cloth; If you are tired of buying you can rely on yourself and knit whatever you want by you unlimited creation, you have complete control to choose your colors and combine them in wonderful piece of knitting and the textile industry is one of the most traditional crafts, as many people still rely on the manual fabric in the manufacture of their clothes.
The knitting industry is one of the so-called environmental friendly industries. The process of production as a whole does not lead to the production of harmful residues that affect the environment.

The importance of knitting in our life as well as the best resources to start with

Learning is one of the most important means to help you spend your free time in a fun and useful way, it offers you a positive energy, and it is an important way to enjoy your time feeling better to do something can help many people so you can spend your time learning a new skill, language or craft, knitting is one of the valuable craft that can be extinct and by learn it and spread it you will contribute in protection of this craft.
The importance of crafts and handicrafts is reflected in the fact that some craft products are indicative of aspects of the national identity of the state producing handicrafts.

Not anyone will master knitting without our helpful free resources so before you go deeper start learning:
There are first steps you can take before you start knitting you don't need a leader and instructor here are multiple websites do this for u to enjoy your hobby It is an incredible website dedicated to the best free knitting patterns, tutorials, tips. It provides you with 45 minutes "How to Knit" series to guide you step-by-step through the knitting basics and about the rigorous techniques to Long Tail cast-on. In addition, the knit and purl stitches and basic knit bind-off as well as how to finish your knitting while at the same time you catch many knitting tips. However, this website gives you the right direction of knitting and how to repair the mistakes done during the knitting process. Not to mention that this fantastic website is divided into primary techniques, knitting tips advanced knitting techniques and knitting abbreviations. The website will really get your creative knitting techniques and tips, as well as making your knitting really good and successful knitting as a hobby experience. 

Are you interested in learning knitting as a hobby? By the assistance of this amazing website; you do not need instructor; you can put your trust in this effective website that will help you get started today knitting as a hobby. This website displays a new eBook featuring 9 free tutorials. If you are really interested about knitting all what you should do is downloading this free eBook. Feel free, all the needed rules are put together to pave the way for, you can be divided into two main stitches: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. We are so grateful for this AllFreeKnitting and their new eBook, how to knit for -Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials--, pictures and -step-by-step- instructions can be used as a resource when you decide to learn. : this website is for those who have already the basic qualifications of knitting, but it can also be a great provider of information about knitting for you as a beginner to know. It helps you to improve your knitting hobby and flourish it as well as, find out new and more advanced patterns and what is different in this website is you can buy for the latest and greatest yarns, patterns, etc. : this website is run by a yarn manufacturer as well as a huge resort for those wanting to acquire more about yarn including how to choose the right yarn and how to care for your projects when they're completed. : It is a very beautiful and best YouTube chain that provides a simple and easy way to learn how to knit as a hobby. This “Tuteate” YouTube chain is to provide helpful tutorials for beginners and help you create scarfs and many easy tips to create as a starting way to learn. YouTube is the more accessible; YouTube has plenty of knitting videos so simple research can make achieve many techniques of knitting. Don’t forget people who knit find it to be very relaxing for their inner self. They said to be more comfortable when they are knitting, because it is proved to be a calming, with rhythmic movement technique, it is to make you swim with the beautiful thread with its different colors, it is just a real enjoyment and make u do all your effort to produce something different with you auriferous fingers. : this website is truly amazing. Believe it can make you learn how to perfectly knit with the aid of multiple helpful articles and topics about knitting as a hobby. The website provides how to instructions, patterns, tips and resources for knitting, videos to adapt one of the easiest and simple way according to what best suit with you.

Traditional handcrafts are an economic tributary in need of development thanks to the multiple websites that contribute in this level establishing, promoting like this helpful websites that encouraging the handicraft industries and their development potential to be an extension in the modern economy of the world, which requires the transfer of experience to the generations of young men and women is such an amazing service that we have put into your hand for practicing knitting as a hobby.


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