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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers

Macramé as a Hobby


Apart from a hobby, macramé is an ancient art of the thirteenth century originated from Arabs. It is more of a creative art of knotting in geometric patterns to create amazing home decorations, wall hangings, jewelry, plant holders etc. Today macramé has regained the immense popularity because of its amazing crafts and revival of interest from people. They have adopted it as their hobby as it does not need any needle or sewing items, instead, all the crafts come from some amazing knots. This hobby has given us some spectacular ornamental patterns only by decorative knitting.


How is macramé a fun hobby?

What makes a hobby more of a fun and interesting thing to do? The love of that art or your passion behind something or a natural talent makes it a fun hobby. Likewise, the art of macramé is either natural or you are may be fond of knitting. Though sometimes challenging but this is what makes a hobby provoke you to perform at your best. And when you have learned all the skills there is nothing that can stop you from huge success or build some master crafts.

Macramé is a creative activity that takes all of your imaginations to build your crafts. Macramé can be created using any material around, you can either start from a fine thread available at your home or a leather strip. This hobby becomes a fun activity when you have a passion to create something new only by tightening some knots. Even children can do this and parents can involve them in this hobby. Macramé is a special technique, no doubt, by which the craft keeps the knots in its place when done. But no big deal as you will soon learn to do this after few initial trials.

The hobby also requires a lot of patience and artistic skills to create something really great that inspires people. Even the great artists and craftsman finds it challenging sometimes. But do remember you never become a great artist if you don’t face any challenges or hardships. So just keep tying knots, you may entangle in something worth-appreciating. Just give a try!

It may take months for the macramé lovers to build some intricate designs or complex pieces with high-quality macramé work. There are different materials you can use to make your designs versatile and elegant such as cotton crochet, embroidery floss, hemp, polypropylene, rattail, soutache, waxed linen, wire etc. it’s only mastering the skills of knots to make some exquisite macramé patterns.

It is your passion and the love of art that makes it delightful and artistic. Macramé is, therefore, a wonderful craft that makes several useful things from bags to baskets, jewelry to wall hangings, etc. Apart from its being productive, it also serves as a therapy that strengthens your hands and arms and loosens your joints. It is a cost-effective hobby that does not need many supplies or tools but just a creative mind. It helps to bring calmness to your mind. 

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