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How to Keep Up with Your Love for Shopping as a Hobby While on a Budget?


Many people confess that shopping is their favorite pass time activity such that it has become more of a hobby for them. When you treat shopping as a hobby, it no longer feels frivolous spending on things, rather than experiences. After all, shopping at its core is perhaps even materialistic. In fact, you may be exchanging your money on things you may not need, and doing it recreationally! It’s okay to acknowledge and accept the fact that shopping might be a hobby for you.

Like most hobbies, the rules of shopping is to make sure you don’t take it too far. Also, if you follow the rules you are not likely to overspend on your hobby too. Take your love for shopping to greater heights and not sky-rocket your budget. For those who are still thinking of whether shopping could become your next hobby, these are the factors you should always comply with:

Never repeat buying things over your priority 

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded that your hobby should never take over the things that you actually need. If you have an eye for something that is too interesting, but at the moment you don’t have the luxury to splurge on it – just hold on. Shopping hobbyists make sure that the money they spend is actually extra over their regular expenses. Keep this as a rule of the thumb. It is your favorite extra, so it isn’t a necessity.

A good way to shop for things that you really like is to make a list of all the stores that sell them – both brick-and-mortar outlets and online. Dedicate some time to organize your findings. Visit these places and make a note of the prices quoted for each of the items.


Remember, you need to bear the additional cost of making calls to enquire (if needed) and the transport cost. Also, look for advertisers that put up items on sale. You might even find the piece you desire at slashed prices. So, be thorough with your research.

Know when to moderate before it becomes an obsession 

Being a hobbyist means you do for the love of it (your hobby). Just because shopping is something you love, there’s a thin line between liking and obsession. Know when you need to moderate things before it takes over. If you buy everything possible on your list, there will come a time when you will no longer long to look forward to the experience.

Your hobby dies the second you start to treat it like an obsession 

In fact, you can even take your hobby a notch higher by shopping for bargains and selling the items online! There are many hobbyists that use auction stores or have their own site where they put up these items for sale. These are the advertisers who have built an interest in monetizing their hobby – finding bargains or purchasing at sale and selling at retail prices.


This makes it a rewarding means of buying items from the money collected from your sales. However, you can find your way of undertaking the activity – it need not be a competitive one!

Acknowledge when it’s not pleasurable 

Plan out your shopping. Keep a journal to make a note of your things of interest. Clip pictures, create a story around it, write a list of things you want to buy. Don’t forget to add the places from your research where you could find these things. Understand when you’re going overboard.

Know when you fail to realize that hobbying is supposed to be happy and not persuasive. Also, it doesn’t need to be perfect 


A good guide keeps you on-track and on-budget. It is totally okay to love things, and okay when you do not have the budget designated to make the purchase. Yet you can still love shopping and stay out of debt, knowing that you can save money at the same time. 

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