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Whale watching as a Hobby


Whale watching is an act of observing whales same as bird watching in their natural habitat. Whale watching as a hobby involves standing at the boat deck at the end as spectators with binoculars and watching whales as they live their undisturbed lives.


Whale watching is a recreation form of activity used even for scientific study and educational purposes. It also has become an important part of the tourism. Witnessing a huge whale leaping out and slamming down back to the sea is thrilling.


Conditions of viewing

The whale's exciting behavior is in its unique jump. However, regardless of the season, spotting whales is possible only on clear and calm days when there no storms in the ocean/sea. Besides, there should be excellent visibility. However, watching whale is based on various conditions and there are chances for the whales to appear if the sea is not rough.

In Whale watching of importance is to check the weather forecast for the following elements:

• Low Winds.

• Good visibility.

• Calm seas with no or very little swell.


What you need

Pursuing whale watching as a hobby means you first need a spotting scope of high quality so that you can see them even from shore. Spotting whales with the naked eye from the shore are possible, but with good optics such as a spotting scope or binoculars, the odds are improved.

Investing in binoculars and buying the best pair is useful. It will enhance your enjoyment through clear viewing, apart from whale watching, you can as well watch wildlife immeasurably.

Spotting scopes offer more reach across large water bodies. In fact, they are immensely useful in discrete circumstances.


How to practice whale watching from shore 

1. The offshore islands are excellent for whale watching. However to cover water expanses efficiently, scan for obvious signs of whale activity.

2. Start from one end and slowly work your way to the other horizon.

3. Cover each sector with your binoculars or scope by scanning closer to the shore.

4. Periodically look across the water expanse quickly with the naked eye and ensure no obvious activity.

5. On noticing something, keep watching for few minutes. If there was a cetacean surfacing, it means you are sure to get the opportunity for whale watching. But, remember these species take deep dive and so stay for 8-12 minutes submerged at a time.

Whale watching as a hobby is fun and exciting. But, never pursue whales, maintain boat speed below 7 knots and keep a distance of 100m from whales. On seeing young calves, take special care and finally, never attempt swimming with them. 



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