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Beach Volleyball Match

Beach Volleyball as a Hobby, Should You Have The Private Beach?



One of the season sports is a beach volleyball. When the summer comes, this sport is very popular to play. Beach volleyball as a hobby needs special attention, for example, is the place to hold it.


As the name suggests it takes place on the beach, which means, we cannot do it anytime we desire, especially we cannot do it in winter.


To play this sport, you need to prepare the volleyball and friends, of course. It consists of two teams and each team consists of 6 to 7 players. You also need a referee who will keep this play fair.

To play this sport is quite simple, but you need a great teamwork. In this case, the ball may not touch the sand. Everyone in a team should keep the ball on air and the one who can make the ball touches the sand will get the point.


Beach volleyball as a hobby is pretty fun to do especially because of you can be together with your friends and have fun together. For women, this is a good time to show off your bikini and good skin.


Men also love it to burn their skin and make them burn their fat. The preparation of the net and the volleyball are the two main things in it. 

We cannot have a perfect body size and calorie loss as we desire because this sport is done by many players. It means who becomes the active player will burn more calories than the other.


There is no constant motion like jumping and running. We do not need to keep running like in football or basketball. Beach volleyball as a hobby is good for any age range, but it does not mean it is good for kids.


Kids will get exhausted easily due to constant movement on the sand. This is a challenge for you who would like to take this sport as your hobby. 

To be a winner is not the main goal of this sport, especially if you do it as a hobby. The main goal is how to make it full of fun and you get the benefits behind it.


You have to do stretching first before you start to play. It is because of your needs to anticipate the bad risk which might happen during the play.


If you become the active player, you will get the awesome calorie burning and the resulting in a perfect body shape. 




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