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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Handicraft as a Hobby


Handicrafts are designed using sheer skills. These innovative pieces of artistic excellence are used as home decor items, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and more created using various materials. For centuries, handmade works of art have been made using traditional methods only. This accounts for the simplicity and distinct charm associated with these unique art pieces. Handicraft as a hobby has also inspired a lot of skilled artists to take up this engaging and joyous activity.

The handicraft industry today is flourishing as many people are taking interest in the ethnic and traditional designs of these items. Sculptures carved out of wood or stone (even glass, rocks, and more), artistic lamps, exquisitely embroidered clothing has garnered an immense appreciation worldwide. These intricately designed items are exclusively handcrafted and that is what creates the magic! Owning these pieces is a collector’s pride as you take great pleasure in displaying them in your home or even gift someone. Handicrafts are very special gifts that are cherished and kept forever as a token of remembrance.


Types of handicrafts 

There are so many types of handicrafts. You may choose to make them at your leisure or build a hobby out of it. As a collector, you will find the following types of handicrafts quite interesting.

• Pottery

The artwork includes earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware. Clay bodies are given shape into objects and then heated to a high temperature.

• Weaving

The fabric produced by using two sets of yarn by knitting, felting, plaiting, lace making, or braiding. Threads are interlaced in longitudinal warps and lateral wefts. The weave of these materials reflects on the style of the cloth.

• Basket weaving

Bendable fibrous materials are used to design great looking baskets. These are created using various materials such as straw, pine, hide, grasses, animal hair, stems, wood, and thread. 

• Crochet

Beautiful artwork of thread or yarn is designed using a crochet hook. These are artistically created by pulling loops over loops and then wrapping the material around the hook several times. Only a single crochet hook is used. The types of stitches differ.

• Macramé

Textile making by knotting and twisting together. The materials used are linen, cotton twine, jute, hemp, etc. The cords can be identified by their makers. For instance, a 3-ply cord can be distinguished by the three-lengths of the cords twisted together.

• Tatting 
Laces are handcrafted by a series of knots and loops to create patterns that are used for lace edging and adorning various decorative pieces.

• Mosaic

Pieces of stone, glass (colored) are used together as an intricate technique of decorative art. In fact, the design is featured in many famous architectures and represents spiritual and cultural significance. 

• Tapestry

Traditionally woven on a vertical loom, it is also woven on a floor loom as well. The warp and weft threads are set up on a loom. These are pressed back and forth in discontinuous yarns. Each colored weft is interlaced back and forth in a small pattern. The threads used can be gold, silver, silk, or more.

• Calligraphy

Writing-related visual art forms a style or script. This is known as the essence of Calligraphy that still continues to be used as characters and letters across print, documents, films, and more.

• Collage

Includes many different artworks to create a whole. These may include ribbons, newspaper, handmade papers, etc. The objects are glued together to form a paper or calvas. Origins of collage date back to hundreds of years and are now considered an art form of novelty.


These are the exclusive handicraft styles that you may want to explore. Try going back to their history to discover how each of them came into being. It is interesting for a hobbyist to discover more about the activity they want to pursue. You too can try your hand at handicraft making. Some of them will take you back to your childhood! Or even try collecting handicrafts as a hobby. 



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