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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Playing the Saxophone

Playing musical instruments as a Hobby


Finding a hobby that suits you is not such a simple task, you need energy, you need time and sometimes you need money. Deciding what you really want to do, or what you really like, isn't usually that simple. But if you want to learn something new, make a change in your life, or just have fun, you can try learning to play musical instruments as a hobby.

This practice has many benefits for the brain as well as being a lot of fun. Playing an instrument changes your fine motor skills and reading musical notes is similar to learning a new language.


Benefits of playing musical instruments as a hobby

Focusing on musical learning reflects obvious advantages which relate to language, speech, concentration, attention and memory. Over the last few years, several researches have been carried out which have associated the study of music with the ease of learning other subjects.

Such research has been carried out by scientists from the United States who have pointed out that music predominates as a strong influence in education. Music is a synonym of life, emotion and freedom, there are few elements, but these few can concentrate a lot of strength in the whole world. Therefore, playing musical instruments as a hobby, and creating the melodies ourselves, becomes one of the best and most beneficial activities in the world. 


Among the benefits of playing musical instruments as a hobby are the following: 

• With regard to health issues, music relieves stress and strengthens the respiratory system. Music creates a positive atmosphere that helps combat stress, as well as helps, keep blood pressure and heart rate at a healthy level. At the same time, music in exercises such as singing or playing a wind instrument that requires deep breathing strengthens the lungs and airways.

• Helps with mental performance, improves memory performance. In fact, there is evidence that music can help a patient's brain recover from a stroke. It also delays the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's.

• Coordination, both with the hands, fingers, toes, and feet, while maintaining time and at the same time being aware of touching the right tones, is a task that mostly becomes a challenge, not just anyone can master it.

• Reading and listening skills, the ear is highly educated. It improves concentration and understanding with math, because music has to do with the recognition of patterns that in themselves are mathematics.

Producing or listening to music as a hobby as a profession can help you fight from stress to insomnia and brain problems such as breathing and more. Music acts as an outlet for the emotions that become more complicated in our lives, which is why it is so perfect for moments of depression.

Playing musical instruments as a hobby can be a way to relax in complicated situations, as well as becoming your daily healthy fun.


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