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Tennis as a Hobby


Tennis can be a fun and relaxing pastime and at the same time a competitive and challenging sport. Starting is as easy as finding a tennis court in your area, a partner to play with and borrowing or buying a racket.


The rules and the feel of the game are easy to understand and, before you know it, you can be good enough to play at the French Open. It is especially easy if you have played another racket game such as squash or paddle tennis. 


What is Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that is practiced in a flat, rectangular field, divided by an intermediate network, the track. It is played between two players (singles) or between two pairs (doubles) playing with rackets and balls and consists of hitting the ball with the racket so that it goes from one side of the field to the other passing over the net.


Tennis Rules

Among the most important rules are:

• In tennis, the game between individual players is called singles, while in the case of competition in pairs, it is called doubles.

• Tennis kicks start the game when the ball hits the racket. The player who performs the service has the right to two opportunities, that is, one extra in the case of failure of the first.

• A reason for the repetition of the service is when the ball touches the net, before crossing to the opposite field. Once the ball is put into play, the actions continue until one of the players fails to correctly receive the ball, thrown by the opponent.

• The playing field is a rectangular track, whose measurements are indicated, according to the Anglo-Saxon metric system and varies if the match is individual or doubles. In the first case, it is 87 feet long by 27 wide. In the case of doubles, the same length will be 36 feet wide.


How to Play Tennis?

A game of tennis begins with the services of one of the players, who must hit the ball in such a way that it bounces inside the box opposite to the one on the side of the player; that is to say, if a player draws from his right, the ball must bounce in the box on the left but always in the grid box, on the side of his opponent. For each point the player who takes out has two opportunities, if the first fails, he has one more.


The first to win 4 points with a minimum difference of 2 points with respect to their opponent is the winner of the game, in case neither of the two players or teams has a two-point advantage when they reach four, the game wins on First you achieve a difference of 2 points.


The score of the points is quite particular: when a player wins his first point his score is 15, when he gains 2 points 30, and when he gains 3 points 40.


Tennis can be a very entertaining and competitive sport at the same time. For many players, even professionals, it is nothing more than a simple hobby, so do not wait any longer and start doing this fun sport as simple fun.


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